I live in the UK and due to the weather my skin was very dry, sensitive. After pregnancy I started with pigmentation uneven skin and also patchy skin tone. I came to India and was really upset with my face. iwanted to get a skin treatment done so i read good reviews about Midas skin clinic had a consultation with Dr. Shibani, and then i decided to go for a complete treatment. I loved the explanation provided by Dr Shibani .she was clear, polite and explained the treatment before it was done. The staff Radhika did her work so well .she made the procedure so simple and let me know what will happen next and what i need to do to take care of my skin. Dr Shibani helped me with creams and diet chart and it really is working out for me. My skin feels bright, skin tone is even ,no patches, i really love the service provided and recommend everyone to try Midas its going to be my 1 stop in future whenever i am back for a visit to Mumbai. Thank you Midas and team .you guys bring confidence .love your hard work and dedication.
Quenie De Oliveira Client
My scene used to scream for nourishment and care. With hectic schedule i was the last one to follow a beauty regime! Until I me this beautiful entrepreneur and owner of Midas Aesthetics Clinic… Shibani Staney. She is one lady who does not believe that beauty is skin deep. Armed with several certifications to her credit and an ace Cosmetologist, she dives deep into the root cause of your beauty challenges. She insists that our gut is the epicenter of our internal health which reflects on our skin. I went in for a Miso facial. However I just surrendered and asked her to give me what she thought would be the best facial therapy. The results were so amazing that I was complimented even on a zoom call. An extremely clean setup, Midas has very qualified, trained and courteous therapists. Icing on the cake is Shibani’s watchful eye. So people one visit is a must at least to have a chat with Shibani as she destroys several myths around beauty. I sure busted a few of mine😄! Sujata Prabhu
Sujatha A Prabhu Client
Dr. Shibani is friendly and takes her time to explain her thoughts and walks you through your options. Very professional and well trained staff. The clinic is well equipped with advanced technologies. Happy with my treatment!

Vanessa D'silva Client
I am so happy with my treatment for hair fall/ male pattern balding, i was trying to get some help for my hair fall was even tensed due to facing this issue.
Ashok Nangare Client
Here the beauty , tattoo treatments system was good. Thank you Midas Aesthetics Thanks Ashwini  & Radhika.
Prasad Waychal Client
Its very good for skin, all the treatment was very good… For dark circle thing its very cool.. Safety n care also so fine here…
Urvisha Makwana Client
My experience with Midas has been great. Right from consultation to the actual treatment, the team is extremely efficient and helpful. Shibani is very knowledgeable and moreover she understands exactly what you’re looking for in the very first conversation. Special shout-out to Radhika who does the treatments, what I genuinely loved was how she explained every single step of the process and made sure I’m aware of what was happening. This really helps since you’re not oblivious getting out of the treatment. I’ve seen results pretty quickly and will definitely recommend anyone with skincare concerns to pay them a visit, you will not be disappointed.
Lizanne Ferreira Client
Excellent Service & quality of work done on my skin, right from the beginning of consultancy stage where in Dr. Shibani made me feel very comfortable by clearing all my fears and doubts and finally getting a hydra facial done on my skin. After years of doing just regular facials at salons and without any permanent results to show…At Midas Aesthetics, post my hydra facial which included meso therapy as well, the redness on my cheeks just disappeared…my skin looked much brighter and very soft supple for more than a week…the results were amazing! Thanks to Team Midas for doing such a wonderful job on my skin…Kudos! to you’ll for future…
Lianne Noronha Client
The skin treatments that i received from Midas Clinic is excellent. Dr. Shibani and the staff Radhika are incredible. It’s rare to find someone like Shibani and Radhika who combine such personal touches and care for a client. During the sessions , Radhika will take such good care of you and make sure that you are comfortable. The skin and laser treatments are highly effective. The texture of my skin has immensely improved and there is such a visible difference on my skin. I am so glad that i chose this clinic and I highly recommend it.
Priyakanta Mishra Client
Had very good experience with doctor Shibani and her staff during all my skin Specaily facial treatments. All my skin problems has vanished. My skin had started looking younger and fresh which was very dull and make me look more older than my age earlier.Would like to thanks doctor for not only treating my skin but also giving help tips which solve many of my other health related issues.Doctor has great knowledge.I would highly recommend Midas for their skin hair related issues..Stay blessed Team Midas.
Pradnya Dalvi Client
I went to Midas Aesthetics for my Acne treatment and they help me with my diet and my skin care. I can see the visible changes just after few sessions. I am completely satisfied with treatment. Great service, Hygiene, staff is very friendly and careful while performing service. Thank you Midas and Entire Staff.
Abhijeet Shinde Client
I had my Tattoo removal treatment done here. While looking for some laser treatment clinics I came across Midas Aesthetics. I have got the best service so far and I would recommend other to visit the clinic for any hair and skin related concerns. PS. Thanks to dr. Shibani and her team for making me feel so comfortable while undergoing tattoo removal sessions
Nikita mahtre Client
I came across Google and i saw Midas Aesthetics and i decided to try and take the treatment as the reviews were good. Best place to rejuvenate one’s skin in all aspects.. I blindly trust what DR.SHIBANI, tells me is good for my skin, n she not only helped me out with the treatment but also my diet. RADHIKA and ASHWINI also did an amazing job, very cooperative. I would definitely recommend MIDAS for SKIN and HAIR TREATMENT because i have seen very good results in me. Thanks you team MIDAS..
Bhakti Vichare Client
I’m posting this review after taking treatment from Midas for about 2 months. Midas has helped me when I had lost all hope for melasma. It’s almost gone with the treatments and diet prescribed by them. Shibani is amazing and has profound knowledge in her field. She doesn’t only focus on the skin but the overall well being of her customers. The staff is super attentive and courteous. They follow you up thoroughly after each treatment. I highly recommend Midas. Great job guys. Keep it up!!
Taran Tur Client
I have a combination of oily skin. I always get pimples on my cheeks. After I took my treatment it didn’t only reduce my pimples but now I have clear skin without any acne marks. I highly recommend Midas Aesthetics to all you people who want to try their services and be beautiful and confident. Knowing the owner Shibani, she is a very down to earth and friendly lady, always willing to help and guide you on your skin and treatments. She is pretty and fit herself. My overall experience with her hardworking and efficient staff was amazing, I loved the ambience and above all the place is super clean with good music. Keep up the good work Shibani and her staff and may you be blessed in the future with more positive experiences like mine.
Shania trisha Client
when i went at Midas my skin was so dull and covered with pimples white heads blackheads and what not Dr Shibani Staney just did magic for me , she recommended a couple of peels which were procedures with no down time they were like facials and walla my skin had a wonderful youthful glow and actually i got lot of compliments after that , i would recommend everyone to go and try there services once and know yourself how things can turn around 😊 kudos to Dr Shibani and team for such lovely wonderful experience and the advices she gave to maintain my skin and work on the inside are also so apt and worth every penny . Thanks 🤩🤩
Kushi Gupta Client
Great experience! If you are in Mumbai and looking for an awesome place to deal with your skin problem ,Then Midas is one stop solution You should consider visiting. Doctor is so good. Efficient and professional services from the entire team. Thank You Midas! Keep up the good work.
Pramod Yadav Client
I got to know this place from my Dad, he had gone here for hair fall treatment and i had a very bad acne problem and my dad told me to visit this place , I had quite a bit trust already cuz i saw the results of his hair fall treatment. Thank You!!
Amey Nangare Client
It has been a great experience overall with Midas Aesthetics
Andreia Dias Client
It’s very professional and very good experience thank uu
Nihar Parikh Client
I came across Facebook and i saw Midas Aesthetics and i decided to try and take the treatment as the reviews were good. 
Shubha Ghag Client
You will get proper guidance for your skin issues. All the skin treatment done here have given good results for me, do visit..👍
Chandani Gaik Client
I am very satisfied with the treatment given. The staff members are professional…very well trained and courteous.
Ayesha Pratap Client
Courteous staff and Specifically Radhika. She is really very helpful and makes sure she answers all queries and always ensures client’s comfort.
Sonali Dake Client
So I have recently started my treatments at Midas. I visited them only for Laser hair removal. Dr. Shibani is very nice and helpful concerning your health inside out where along with outer skin, what you eat is also important. I had a talk with her and discussed few of my routine and everyday skin care. Since I am getting married this year she helped me with the custom made bridal package according to my skin texture. I had already done few treatments at different clinic and was not happy there, since I had not seen any results even after almost 1 year. As I was already planning for bridal package where one of my friend suggested me her doctor and I had seen beautiful results on her face (her very dark skin turned out brighter and glowy like magic). So my plan was to go at Midas for LHR and at my friends doctor for pre Bridal treatment. But when I visited Midas and looking at Dr. Shibani’s Confidance towards me I thought to go for bridal package as well. Also I had seen good reviews about her which made me believe in her. Since this review is after my 1st treatment it is too quick for a conclusion about the treatments and it’s results, so far I liked Dr. Shibani’s consultation and very friendly staff. Review for the treatments I will be providing after I see visible results on my skin.. and I am very excited for the results specially for my lips as they are too dark… waiting for same 🤞🤞
Sneha Patkar Client
I had discovered this clinic on Google based on the high reviews and have recently started my treatments at Midas. It’s been two months now that I am still completing my session for skin treatment.Dr Shibani and the staff are very friendly and encouraging. I had a poor diet and a bad lifestyle. She had an open ear to my concerns and my day to day routine and everyday lifestyle regarding, Sleeping patterns, skincare etc.
I had already done few treatments at different clinics and was not happy there, since I had not seen any results over the years and I almost gave up on skincare remedies. Since, I am getting married thought to give this a last try. The Doctor is well planned and organized and confident with the problem and laid down a planned sessions with clear roadmap of how we going to make the skin look better. I still didn’t have hopes but it was a leap of faith for my skin. Already done with 5 sessions now and my skin has started to show great improvement. Would recommend this place as this place not only takes interest in the concern you bring but also adds value and shows interest in giving tips and consults on how to have a better lifestyle. It brings back hope to builds trust to work on other areas which you wished you worked on. To sum it up: – Humble and cheerful staff – (Dr. Shibani, Radhika and Ashiwini amazing Gem of a person) – Worth the investment – Motivates you to do better every day.
Trevor Alvares Client
Amazing Clinic. My skin has drastically improved not just with the treatment but also the routine as advised by Dr Shibani. In clinic treatment are also very good with Radhika taking very good care . Highly recommended if you are looking to improve your overall skin health.

Shivani Kadam Client
Dr Shibani is an expert skin doctor..
Very much satisfied with the treatments..very effective too.. my skin is much better now.. the staff is too good specially radhika…
Very attentive .. Super friendly..

Payal Jain Client
I visited Midas for my laser hair removal treatment and I have to say I am totally amazed by the quality of treatment that this clinic provides. I had my consultation with Shibani and she genuinely cares for her patient’s skin issues. She was to the point and explained everything that any layman will be able to comprehend.

Runali Shinde Client
I had a very good experience at Midas aesthetics clinic. i visited the clinic for microblading. I had very sparse eyebrows and i had to constantly fill in my eyebrows.
I did my research and was skeptical on the procedure. I spoke to Shibani and she guided me well and i finally decided to get it done.
The technician did an amazing job. He nailed the shape, color and they look so natural. I have received alot of compliments too.
I have also visited the clinic for a couple of skin treatments and every single time they do an amazing job.

Rachel Lewis Client
Positive experience. Consulted Shibani for my hair fall treatment. Happy with the treatment and the progress. Thank you Radhika for all the guidance, which really helped me to come out of worries related to the issue

Gagan Shah Client
I had an amazing experience at Midas Aesthetics Cinic. They heard my concern patiently. Doctor and staff are very caring and I could see the effect on my skin right after the first session. Thanks for everything 💗

Arundhati Nayak Client

Awesome place for Skin care. I have gained a good amount of knowledge about skin care from Shibani ma’am alongwith tremendous transformation in my skin. Radhika ma’am and Ujala ma’am never fail to offer their best efforts. Great Great Great experience….

Hitesh Jadhav Client
Wonderful experience, very nice and polite skin doctor, she is expert in his field, I visited her clinic for my acne problem and I got very good results that too in very short period. Unlike other she dose not advice unnecessary blood tests and procedures. I got cured with his medicine and cream only. Also best part is she also advice some diet plans too.

Tufail Khan Client
I have been visiting midas aesthetic clinic for over 7 months for my acne issues. Dr Shibani has been great and advised on adding required supplements as well as modifying my diet along with couple of skin treatments. Dr Shibani and Radhika go above and beyond on treatments and keep checking post treatment as well. My acne issues have been sorted now and can see visibile improvement in the skin elasticity and quality . Im definitely going to keep visiting them for my skin maintainance !! I would highly recommend midas aesthetic clinic !

Nikita Lewis Dcunha Client

I visited Midas for my laser hair removal treatment and I have to say I am totally amazed by the quality of treatment that this clinic provides. I had my consultation with Shibani and she genuinely cares for her patient’s skin issues. She was to the point and explained everything that any layman will be able to comprehend. This is the first time where someone helped me not only with the treatment but also about my diet and supplements and about my skin routine. My treatment is being done by Radhika who knows her job very well and is extremely professional. I would definitely recommend Midas for everyone facing skin issues or wants to opt for laser hair removal. Great service very very happy thank you all once again.

Chaitali Bane Client

Thank you MIDAS for your lovely services and products. done dandruff treatment and it’s reduced to much and I love the fact that MIDAS offers not just services but complete solutions. Dr. Shibani also advises on the right haircare and diet. Doctors and staffs very helpful, delightful experience whenever I visit at Midas.

Manali Shigwan Client

I am undertaking treatment for my skin related issues. This place offers a comprehensive care. Dr. Shibani explains everything in detail with the possible causes and reasons. Radhika and Ujwala are very professional and will follow up regularly. As the name suggests, it definitely gives you a Midas touch, but it requires patience and discipline to stick to the prescribed skin care routine.
Best wishes to the team!

Anisha Navkudkar Client

I’m doing my skin pigmentation removal treatment with Midas Aesthetics, my skin was patchy and pigmented, i never had any skin care routine and used to lead a very bad life style. I came across with Midas Aesthetics on Google while looking for bridal facial for my self and landed there for skin consultation, In the consultation, when the doctor Shibani was guiding me about my skin, I was thinking what have I done to my skin, why I did not take care of it at all? But doctor shibani made me calm myself and made a treatment plan for me for the next 3 months. The way she explained me about my internal and external health is really amazing.
I decided to go for the the treatment plan suggested by her.
I have already taken few sessions and i must say they have done wonderful job. My pigmentation has reduced to a very great extent and the skin looks healthy, nourished and glowing without any make up.
Their approach is very holistic and focus more on your eating habits and life style which made a remarkable difference for me. Her team is very polite and hold a good knowledge about every treatment and very helpful in every possible way.
I’m continuing my treatment with Doctor Shibani.
All the very best Team Midas, you guys Rocks

Yashvi Malaviya Client

I found Midas Aesthetics on Google and went through her website. I visited Midas Aesthetics for Hair thinning treatment.

From past few months I was noticing that my scalp is getting wider and wider and I was so worried as I’m too young to become a bald.

So, I got the consultation done with doctor Shibani and she made me understand the root cause of the problem – It was my internal health which was leading to hair thinning and hair falls, she explained me that if my gut health is not working properly than its no point of doing treatment, after a good discussion with her I decided to fix my internal health first – For which she made a particular diet plan, what I have to eat in the morning, afternoon and evening, through out the day. She put me on some kind of excercise and changed my sleeping patterns.

Only In a months time I can see lots of improvement in my hair, my skin and my overall health, now I no longer have constipation and my gut is all set due the diet she suggested me my hair fall is stopped to 90%  percent.

I have started with the treatment at Midas Aesthetics to regain my lost hair. She suggested me combination on treatment like PRP, meso, GFC

I have taken 4 sessions till now and I’m so happy with results – I can notice my scalp is less visible as compared to the earlier.

The Doctor and the staffs are very polite and help you with so many things in every possible way.

A big shout out to Doctor Shibani and Her team. You guys are just awesome.

Tejas Makwana Client

It was my first experience of skin treatment and it was super cool ! Happy with the treatment and services. thank you for the wonderful experience!

Soham Shirsat Client

Radhika is very good at her job. I have done laser treatments at other places before but I can say ladies, she handles your skin very delicately and comforts you really well.

Priyanka Pandey Client

I visited midas after checking the reviews on google, and i must say it is the one stop solution for all your skin concern. Best facials and skin treatments with great results.. The staff is very cordial and professional.
Thank you team Midas for wonderful service.

Roshani Naik Client