What should everyone know about perfume


Why do you think people wear perfume? Men and women have their personal views on how to wear perfumes. Some people use them to smell good so that they can have positive vibes around them. Some people use it to enhance their personality. There are several reasons for a person to wear perfume.

Before knowing some interesting facts about perfumes, let us see what varieties of perfume are available for us to wear.

La French perfumes present a wide range of men’s fragrance, women’s fragrances and unisex perfumes. We also have Eau de parfum too in our collections.

La French has various perfumes at a reasonable cost. 

Types of perfumes-


Perfumes contain between 20-30% of oil engagement which makes them last up to 8 hours. 

Perfumes have the most elevated fragrance concentration; it is likely to be famous and last all day. As a result, perfumes also demand the highest price.

Also, people with dry skin may do fine with perfumes as they have far less alcohol and are not as likely to parch out the skin.

It has a little thicker and oilier consistency. Sales of perfumes are in cork bottles and not sprays. It is too strong to spray all over and too costly. 

Eau de parfum:

It has a 15–20% engagement of fragrance and is normally cheaper than parfum.

It is a more delicate product and lasts for a short period of around 4 to 5 hours.

Eau de parfum is the most typical aroma type and is the base for other perfume types.

Eau de toilette:

Eau de toilette holds between 5 to 15% of oil concentration. It is one of the most dominant types of fragrances. 

It is cheaper than the Eau de parfum. It usually lasts two to three hours. It is lighter and usually sold in spray bottles. The lightness of it makes it more suitable to spray more liberally. 

Generally, this version is the most advisable to use daily, as it is less intense, and even if you do use more of it will lighten up quickly. 

Eau de cologne: 

Eau de cologne contains between 2 and 4% of oil concentration with increased alcohol content. The Eau de cologne is much more affordable than those above. It commonly lasts for up to two hours.

Aromas like this belong to a traditional recipe that uses herb and citrus notes with small anchors in the base notes. Eau de cologne usually comes in bigger bottles as more of this scent is wearable throughout the day.

There are special blends of fragrances falling in this particular category of Eau de cologne. They are soft, renewed, and fruity, and they contain the essential oils, lemon, bergamot, orange, and absolute neroli. They may also have crucial oils like lavender and rosemary.

Facts about perfumes-

You can maximize the aroma of perfume: 

It is recommendable to spray the perfume on pulse points, instead of spraying it all over the body. Pulse points are places on the body where the blood vessels are nearest to the skin. These places release heat, which helps the scent radiate from your skin into the air. Improve the life of your perfume and spray only on the inner wrists, base of your neck, behind your earlobes, and inner elbows.

Notes of perfumes:

There are three notes of perfume. 

Top note is when you spray the perfume, and the initial aroma that you smell is known as the top note.

Heart note is when the effect of the top note fades off, you can smell the nature of the perfume, which is its immediate essence. 

Base note is the aroma which starts coming to the fore once the heart notes start disappearing.

Expiry date of perfumes:

The engagement of a perfume might change over time. Therefore, it is advisable to use your perfume within 3 – 5 years. Once the bottle is unclogged and comes in contact with air, it is better to use it within the first three years. The older the fragrance, the more the smell differentiates with time.

Do not rub your wrists:

If you rub your wrists against each other after spraying a fragrance, you should quit this action. Generally, perfumes are combinations of top notes, heart notes, and base notes. The top notes are lighter and fade quickly, while the base notes are prolonged. The variance caused by massaging your wrists improves the interaction of the aroma with your skin’s natural oils, which can end up fudging the scent.

Let us see what perfumes La French provides us with.

Some perfumes from La French-

Luxure Oudh:

It is a remarkable and long-lasting French fragrance. Its scent enhances your personality in the moment you live, adding strength and vigor to who you are. This best classic scent is perfect for all occasions and is appropriate for daily wear or work. The non-allergenic fragrance doesn’t affect your skin. This perfume falls under the category of perfume for men.

La French Victory:

It has a core scent of French fragrances known for manliness and manhood. It gives you a friendly aroma that endures longer and makes you feel reenergized throughout the day. This men’s fragrance is a faithful partner in all your victories in life. 

Black Gold:

Black Gold perfume has an effect that brings out your best qualities. It has a lovely fragrance that is classic and provides a men-like-intense. For every experience and mood, Black Gold is fit for all, and it is one of the best on the list of fragrance perfumes.

Dream Girl:

Dream Girl is a uniquely formulated perfume for women who love to shine out. Enjoy the scented French fragrance that raises the mood and makes you feel new and zealous. It has a pleasantly beautiful aroma that lasts longer.

Classy Girl Perfume:

Classy Girl Perfume is a unique and pleasant fragrance that is especially attractive. Bring out your smart attitude with a mood-enhancing fragrance of French perfume. The last long with rich notes keeps you fresh and active all day.

Mashroof Eau de parfum:

An exotic fragrance gives you the advantage to stay ahead in the game and makes you stand out in the crowd. The precious scent of the perfume sets an instance by lifting your mood and giving another excuse to get hold of it.

La French gives the best quality perfumes, and it brings forth the soul and originality of lovely fragrances to the heart and soul. Our fragrances can enhance your mood and boost your stimulus and self-confidence to beat the game with their empowering scents. A good smell is a form of aromatherapy; they help you improve your psychological demeanour and bring forward stunning life memories.

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